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” Arcadia Nightfire: thank you for the updated filtercam!  I love it, of course and I hope everyone goes and buys it! Best invention ever!”

“But this is not about my lack of blogging it is about the newest update to the MechanizedLife Filter cam. It is user friendly and you need it. No really you do, there are so many different filters to chose from that you could spend all day playing with it and still run out of time.” - Phire Zuhra


“MachinimaCam is a life saver!” - Jane Linden


“I use the CalendarCog Kiosk, HUD, and the Board, and I use them all for the same reasons: I’m a total spaz. With ADD like mine, I need constant reminding about sales, DJ gigs, and little tasks like sending out notices and making sure my bills are paid. The Cog line lets me keep my business calendar and my personal one seperate and together at the same time, all within SL. They have made some amazing changes in the past year, and it shows. Their support is also fantastic; if the product weren’t so great, I’d stick around for the support alone.” -Naoki Ninetails, Locke Couture

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