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This device allows you to place a sensor on your Second Life property and subscribe to an RSS feed that lists the people who came in contact with it. In effect, it creates a blog customized for your use. You can put the RSS feed from your StatsCollector on your own Blog, your news reader, etc.  The stats collected can give you a better idea of how your business is doing.

A new function has been added for 2008: a link to any visiting avatar’s profile as supplied by SecondLife.com.

Setting Up The Sensor Prim

In handling the sensor prim, which is invisible, you should type Ctrl-Alt-T at the time you rez your sensor. This turns “invisible prims” a transparent red color. You can then right click on it and resize it, rotate, and even turn it into a different shape, to fit the area you want covered. Just remember if you place it in front of doors that require a click (touch) to open and close, it will interfere with that capability. It can slow down high trafficked areas, in which case, use the SENSE__ settings described below.

The most important settings for this object are FEED and TIMEBETWEEN.  FEED determines the name of the RSS feed to which the sensor records.


For instance if you set it to ABC then the RSS feed you would request would be:

  • http://www.mechanizedlife.com/rsssensor/?/OwnerName/ABC
  • Note that the rest of the URL above is automatically generated by the device.
  • You can have multiple collectors with the same feed and the input will be collated into one RSS feed. This allows you to have copies of the device at multiple entryways to your property.

The TIMEBETWEEN variable delays the amount of time (in minutes) between recording collisions. You should set this higher than the amount of time you expect a visitor to stay on your parcel.  The default for this variable is 30 (minutes).  Any value less than 5 will be assumed to be 5 so that the noise ratio in your RSS feed will not be too great. To put this another way, if avatar Bob comes in contact with the collector at 1:00 PM, the collector will not register another visit until at least 1:30 PM (assuming the default value is kept).

There are other RSS parameters you can add to the RSS feed when you subscribe to it:

Changing the Time Zone:

  • Assuming the above feed URL, you can use “-05:00″
  • http://www.mechanizedlife.com/rsssensor/?/OwnerName/ABC/-05:00
  • Will change the timezone being read from Google to -05:00 The default is SLT, which is -8:00.

Pull Only Entries from Today:

  • http://www.mechanizedlife.com/rsssensor/?/OwnerName/ABC/-05:00/TODAY

Change the Title of the Feed

  • http://www.mechanizedlife.com/rsssensor/?/OwnerName/ABC/-05:00/TODAY/My Visitors
  • Will change the title of the RSS feed to ‘My Visitors’ (the default is ‘RSS Sensor Feed’)

This collector keeps statistics on the Mechanized Life server for 30 days.

In addition to recording avatars who come in contact with the StatsCollector you can set a ’sensor’ that records all avatars that come withing a certain radius of the object.  SENSERATE is the amount of time (in seconds) between sensor ’sweeps’.  SENSERANGE is the range (in meters and of the radius) of the sensor.  To disable this feature (and only record collisions with the object) set SENSERATE=0.


You can set the collector to ignore certain avatars, such as your staff, yourself, or anyone else you choose.  In the following example, the collector will ignore both CodeBastard Redgrave and Paypabak Writer.

IGNORE=CodeBastard Redgrave
IGNORE=Paypabak Writer

Advanced Statistics

The following setting, ADVCOLLECT, determines whether advanced statistics are created. Allowed values are 1 and 0 for TRUE and FALSE respectively.  This setting should probably be left as 1.


If you have subscribed to the RSS feed, simply follow one of the links in the feed to see ‘Basic’ statistics.  At the bottom of the page you will find a link marked ‘Advanced Statistics.’ This will bring up a page with five charts:

  • A breakdown of visitors by Day of the Week -A pie chart indicates numbers of visits on each day
  • A breakdown of visitors by Hour of the Day -A graph of peak hours for your property
  • A breakdown of visitors by Age of Visitor - A graph providing a breakdown on average age of visitors by percentage
  • A breakdown of visitors by Payment Status -Indicates whether SL has payment information of avatar on file
  • A breakdown of visitors by Over the Last 30 Days -Graphic depiction of trends in visiting

To force the sensor to re-read configuration settings, touch the sensor, and when prompted, type ‘reset’ (without the quotes).

If you have any questions you can IM or drop a notecard to Paypabak Writer or send an e-mail to info@mechanizedlife.com.

Copyright © 2008 MechanizedLife

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