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RSS Viewer Documentation

The MechanizedLife RSS QT Screen works with two objects:

  • The Server receives the RSS feed url and contains the settings that determine how the RSS feed is displayed on the screen.
  • The Screen accepts the RSS feed code from the server and displays the feed when an avatar comes up to it.

Because the Server and the Screen work together via notecards, it is not necessary to make any changes to your parcel’s media url settings.

Getting Started

  1. Rez and open your gadget crate and copy the items into your inventory.
  2. Rez the Server. A code will be given in chat, make sure you can access this from your local chat history as you will need it when you set up your screen.
  3. Right click and edit the server, access the Contents tab and open the SETTINGS notecard.  Here you can customize the way your RSS feed is displayed on the screen.
  4. Edit the notecard SETTINGS as follows:
  • Enter your feed url:

; This is the RSS feed to display

  • Customize the background and text colors using RGB Vectors:

; The background color 0,0,0=black
; the color of the text

  • Indicate the number of feed/screen combinations you will use:

; the next value should only be used if you have more than one feed/screen combination,
numbers only

  • Indicate how long the feed is to display:

;this is how long the movie lasts, in seconds

  • Determine if the blog title should be displayed:

;Show the title of the blog?

  • Determine if the link should be displayed:

;show the link to the story

  • Save and close the settings notecard.

Setting up the Screen

  1. Rez the Screen
  2. Right click and edit the screen, select the Contents tab and open the SETTINGS notecard.
  3. Edit the notecard as follows:
  • Copy the Code that was given when you rezzed the server from your local chat history, and paste it over the default code in the notecard:

; This code comes from the RSS Server on startup

  • The screen can also link, by touch, to the website from which the feed is running.  Set the website url in the notecard:

; Avatars who touch the screen will be directed to this page

  • Determine when the feed will start playing by setting a distance (in meters).  The screen will scan for avatars within this range and begin playing upon detection:

; Avatars in this range will automatically have the screen start playing

  • Determine how often the screen should scan for avatars within viewing range:

; Avatars will be scanned this often (in seconds)

  • Save and close the notecard

IF the land you are on is group owned, the screen must be deeded to the group in order for the system to work properly.  It is very important that you deed the screen only AFTER you have completed customizing the SETTINGS notecard.  If you deed the screen before completing the SETTINGS notecard, the system WILL NOT work properly.

  • Finally, reset the scripts in both the Server and the Screen, and you are ready to display your favoriteRSS Feed(s) to your customers and visitors.


If you have any questions you can IM or drop a notecard to Paypabak Writer or send an e-mail to info@mechanizedlife.com.

Copyright © 2008 MechanizedLife

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