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RezURL Documentation

The MechanizedLife RezURL allows you to quickly and easily distribute your website, blog, flickr photostream or other URL to friends, customers and groups…without having to copy & paste the address from chat, IMs or notecards.  The MechLife RezURL creates a prim that you can pass around just as you would any other object, and then when it is rezzed, one click takes you the web address you have specified.  You can even customize the shape, size and look of the prim you give out!

This product contains a RezURL object and a RezURL HUD.  Both work exactly the same.

Getting Started

  1. Rez and open your gadget crate and copy the items into your inventory.
  2. Rez the RezURL object or wear the RezURL HUD
  3. Touch, left click, to activate.
  4. Follow the chat commands to enter your URL on channel 10 (ex: /10 http://www.mechanizedlife.com) Note: By default, the URL will automatically be translated into a TinyURL.
  5. Follow the chat commands to enter the title of the URL on channel 10 (ex /10 This is a link!)
  6. The RezURL will create a prim which contains the specified address and title (the prim will appear above the object when it is used, or will appear above your avatar’s head when the HUD is used.
  7. Take the prim into your inventory and send it to your friends and/or customers directly via direct transfer, group notices or subscribe-o-matic notices.
  8. Recipients of the prim only need to rez it and click on it to be directed to your website. You can also leave a copy of the prim displayed for anyone to touch.

Customizing Your RezURL

  • Right click and edit either the object or the HUD and open the SETTINGS notecard from the contents tab.
  • To turn off the automatic TinyURL translation, edit the notecard to read: ENABLESMALLURL=FALSE
  • To change the name of the blank URL prim, edit the PRIMNAME= line to include the name of the prim template
  • To change the position of the rezzed prim, edit the REZPOINT=<0, 0, 1.5> line to include the coordinates you want.
  • RezURL will automatically add the http:// prefix to web addresses if it detects this prefix is missing, To turn off this function edit the AUTOPREFIX= line to read FALSE

Customizing Your Rezzed Prim

The script contained within the rezzed prim, the URL Prim script, is open-source and self-documented for advanced customization.  If you choose to make significant changes to this script, we will not be able to provide support in the event of a malfunction.  We have provided this script to you separately and recommend that you always keep a copy of the original script available.

  • You can create a custom prim that will be created by RezURL to further personalize your message.  Simply create your prim, place the URL Prim script in the object and drop it into the RezURL object or HUD contents folder.
  • Edit the SETTINGS notecard to include the name of your object.
  • This can be a simple box with a texture, a sculpted prim, a shopping bag, or any other object you choose to create, provided it is full perm.
  • You can also edit the URL Prim script to customize the hover text, color, or to deactivate hovertext.  Again, this is self-documented in the script and significant changes will void the MechanizedLife support agreement.


If you have any questions you can IM or drop a notecard to Paypabak Writer or send an e-mail to info@mechanizedlife.com.

Copyright © 2009 MechanizedLife

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