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Object Rezzer Documention

Here’s a great way to show off your wares in full 3D and not add to the limited number of prims your store is most likely allowed. Each object is rezzed as a temporary object so it should not count against prim counts, but the platform does periodically check to see if the object is still there and if not, will re-rez it. This may result in a slight flicker effect.

Getting Started

  1. Rez the objects you want to cycle through the rezzer on the ground
  2. Check Permissions to ensure they are copiable for you
  3. Drop the temp/derez script into each item’s Contents folder
  4. Take the objects back into your inventory
  5. Rez the Object Rezzer platform
  6. Drag the objects from your inventory into the platform’s Contents folder
  7. Edit the platform’s settings:
  • HEIGHT=xx Sets how high off the platform should objects rez
  • BASEROTATION=<0.00000, 0.00000, 0.38268, 0.92388> Sets the rotation should applied to each object in relation to the base? (Default is none or <0,0,0,1>) The example given here is 45 degrees about the Z axis
  • TIMEBETWEEN=30 Is setting for time between each object cycling through the rezzer. Use 0 for off. Note that if a previous or next button is pushed, the time between cycles is temporarily set to 1.5 times the setting to allow the client to see the item in question.  In other words, assume that TIMEBETWEEN is set to 30 seconds.  Objects will change every 30 seconds.  If a customer clicks a previous or next button the appropriate item will be shown for 45 seconds before the auto-cycle resumes at the normal rate of 30 seconds.

The Object Rezzer platform contains some sample objects for demonstration purposes, they are deletable.


If you have any questions you can IM or drop a notecard to Paypabak Writer or send an e-mail to info@mechanizedlife.com.

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