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MachinimaCam Documentation

MachinimaCam Instructions


  1. Before Installing
  2. Installing the camera
  3. Camera Operation
  4. Effects Descriptions
  5. Quick machinima tips and HOWTO

I. Changes in this version
II. Known bugs
III. Todo
IV. Support and Upgrades

While simple, MachinimaCam is an evolution over the usual followcams and scripted cameras avaliable on the market. Here are some of the features.

  • Full control with HotKeys
  • Operates entirely even with all interfaces hidden
  • Voice control
  • Menu control
  • Camera position locking
  • Default cam position hotkey
  • Speed up and speed down certain special effects
  • Auto-Hide HUD
  • Integrated tooltips
  • 7 Followcam effects: Trap Cam ,Overhead Cam, Drop Cam, Worm Cam, Driving Cam, Frontview Cam, Side Cam
  • 7 Special camera effects: Spin Cam, Twister Cam, Spiral Cam, Spazz Cam, Earthquake Cam, TravelIn Cam, TravelOut Cam


  • Make sure there is no gestures using F2-F3-F4-F5-F6-F7-F11-F12 HotKeys
  • Make sure you don’t have external applications or launchers using those same hotkeys
  • Remove all visible or unmaskable HUDs


  1. Open the MachinimaCam package, and copy the content to your inventory
  2. Activate all the 7 provided Gestures
  3. Wear the MachinimaCam HUD. It will attach on Center Down, on the bottom of your screen.


  1. Click on the MachinimaCam HUD to activate it.
  2. Follow the camera instructions
  3. Choose an effect within the Menu
  4. Hide your interface using CTRL-ALT-1. Be sure your Debug menu is activated or it will not work, CTRL-SHIFT-D activates the Debug menu.
  5. Choose an effect using F3 and F4
  6. Activate the effect any time you want using F5
  7. Target with your mouse and lock camera on this position using F6. Press ESC one or 2 times to allow MachinimaCam to regain control of the cam.
  8. Reset to standard camera position using Default in the menu, or press F7

Here are the MachinimaCam operation HotKeys.

F2 - Hide / Show camera HUD toggle
F3 - Previous effect selection
F4 - Next effect selection
F5 - Action / Repeat effect selection
F6 - Set Default Cam Position
F7 - Reset Cam Position

F11 - Speed Up effect
F12 - Speed Down effect

To disable the camera completely, just remove the MachinimaCam HUD.


Resets to default follow cam, camera behind at hip level


Trap Cam Toggle
Special type of followcam where the avatar is trapped by the camera. The camera follows the avatar wherever it goes, cutting the scene and regaining focus on the avatar. Press Action hotkey to activate and deactivate.

Side Cam
Followcam where the camera is siding the avatar. It follow’s every avatar runs and turns and is usually located at leg level. The avatar usually doesnt show on the picture.

Drive Cam
Type of followcam where the camera is located at the back of the avatar but with a slight upper angle, usually to film moving vehicles.

Front Cam
Type of followcam where the camera is located a few meters in front of the avatar. Avatar usually doesnt show in the picture.

Overhead Cam
Type of followcam where the camera is hovering the avatar from the top.

Worm Cam
Type of followcam where the camera is under the avatar. Usually very cool for following flying avatars, or from underneath some translucent surface.

Drop Cam
Like the drivecam but following the avatar at feet level.

Special effect cams:

Spaz Cam
Cam effect where the camera randomly locates itself, always focusing on the avatar.

Earthquake Cam
Cam effect simulating an earthquake. The camera shakes up and down for a more dramatic effect.

Spin Cam
Cam effect where the camera focuses on the avatar and performs a few circular rotations around it.

Spiral Cam
Cam effect where the camera focuses on the avatar and performs a few circular rotations around it with constant added distance.

Twister Cam
Cam effect where the camera focuses on the avatar and perform a few circular rotations around it with constant added distance, with incremental camera angle.

TravelIn Cam
Zoom in camera effect.

TravelOut Cam
Zoom out camera effect.


  • Use FRAPS if the inworld camera capture don’t work. It works with F9 HotKey.
  • If your machine lags too much:

- capture with smaller window size using File > Set Window Size. I recommend NTSC for nice widescreen or 800 x 600.
- if your machine is powerful enough you can go full window. But don’t capture in Fullscreen mode since it’s a lot more laggy.
- close all applications that could drain ressources to reduce the lag
- upgrade your RAM. The more the better.

  • c) For editing, many people use Microsoft Movie Maker 2, but Moo Money and other big machinima honchos uses Sony Vegas. Also Avid Express may be a really good choice.
  • e) Disable typing animations for all your actors. In Client menu, Debug Parameters. Select DisableTypeAnims and put that to TRUE. (needs Debug menu activated)
  • d) Remove Camera Constraints in the Client menu (needs Debug menus activated)

Useful general purpose Hotkeys:

CTRL-ALT-F1 Hides all interfaces apart HUDs
ALT-SHIFT-H Hides all HUDs (MachinimaCam don’t need it, its autohide)
CTRL-ALT-D Shows the Client/Server debug menus. Activate it at all time.
CTRL-SHIFT-1 Shows system information, including Framerate
CTRL-SHIFT-4 Shows debug info, useful to see if the sim stopped responding

I. Changes in this version

- Changed the red dot HUD for a nice camera prim
- Changed the hiding function to avoid the delay
- Added Camera positioning and locking + Gesture
- Added Camera Reset + Gesture

II. Known bugs

-Camera fx are not yet binded to camera default start position

III. Todo

-Arrange every fx to take advantage of the default start position
-Allow the TravelIn and TravelOut fx to go further than 10m

IV. Support and Upgrades

I pride myself in providing the best user experience, bug free and constantly improved products, especially regarding the MachinimaHUD. Since this is a professionnal grade machinima making tool, for that price, I will provide unlimited support, upgrades and bugfixes for all Pro version customers.

The guarantee includes:

- Lifelong free upgrades for all customers
- Support for basic installation
- Troubleshooting for camera defects and bugs

If you think you discovered a bug, please send me a bug report using those means of reaching me:

- Send a notecard to Paypabak Writer named “MachinimaCam Bug Report (your full name)”. In the notecard, please include your camera version, description of the bug and any details that could help us to fix the bug.

- Send me an info@mechanizedlife.com, with subject “MachinimaCam Bug Report (your full name)”. In the email, please include your camera version, description of the bug and any details that could help me fix the bug.

I will do my best to adress any issue swiftly but please allow a few days for answer, sometimes I will just fix the bug and release a new version.

Free upgrades includes much more than bugfixes. With time I will add on many other cool camera effects, improve the existing ones to add up more flexibility, all of this to improve your machinima making experience.

MachinimaCam is actually the only scripted cam that specializes in interface-less movie filming (to my knowledge). Support MachinimaCam and I will make sure it remains the best machinima making tool on the grid.

If you have any suggestion for add ons or modifications, please send them to me with subject “MachinimaCam Suggestion (your full name)” and I will add it up to the request list.

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