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FormsExchanger Documentation

The MechanizedLife Forms Exchanger works with two objects:

  • The MechLife Form Giver gives an avatar a notecard with your form to be filled out.
  • The MechLife Inbox object receives the filled out form and provides you with options for handling it.

Getting Started

  1. Rez and open your gadget crate.
  2. Rez your Form Giver from the folder you just created. It will look like a clipboard, which is how forms are often dispensed in RL.
  3. Prepare your form by creating a new notecard, or using one you have already created. (Note: Make sure your notecard is Copy/Mod/Trans)
  4. Right click and Edit the Form Giver.
  5. Place the notecard into the Content tab of the object.
  6. Optional: Edit the Description of the Form Giver (on the general tab) with whatever you want the text that floats above it to say. Default text: “Click here for a form to fill out.” You may have other instructions and so replace our text with yours. (You may need to re-rez the object to see the change in the floating text.)
  7. Rez the MechLife Inbox.
  8. The avatar filling out the form should understand that the completed notecard is to be dragged into the object shaped like an inbasket.
  9. The Inbox counts the number of forms and displays that count along with the floating text that you can configure. Right now it will say, “Drop your completed forms here,” but you may use Edit to change the Description just as you did with the Form Giver.
  • The vectors in the descriptions in the text examples are the colors of the text

Collecting Completed Forms

To collect completed forms placed in the inbox, click on the in-basket (this is an owner-only function) and a blue drop-down menu will give you three options: List Cards, Get Cards, and Empty.

  • List Cards: The Chat dialogue will provide a list of the names of the notecards.
  • Get Cards: Retrieves the cards into your Notecard inventory.
  • Empty: removes the cards from the box.

Group Edition vs Normal

Group edition inbox can be operated by anyone with the same active group as the inbox, perfect for ’staffed’ locations.


If you have any questions you can IM or drop a notecard to Paypabak Writer or send an e-mail to info@mechanizedlife.com.

Copyright © 2008 MechanizedLife

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