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FilterCam Documentation: English

FilterCam HUD Instructions

FilterCam is a special effect HUD for your SecondLife(tm) display that you can use to enhance machinima or pictures.

FilterCam works  basically like a standard camera filter and uses 4 distinctive layers to make various effects combos.

Use the included presets for quick, easy and good looking special effects.

Build your own presets: add colored filters, overlay textures, and change layer transparency directly on your screen.


  1. WEAR the HUD. It MUST attach to Center HUD attachment point. We suggest to remove all other HUDs from the way.
  2. WAIT for it to load.
  3. LONG CLICK (click for 1/2 second or longer and release) on the HUD to get the menu
  4. SHORT CLICK on the HUD to minimize the Filter so you can use your camera to line up the shot that you want and then to maximize for taking the snapshot.
  5. To take snapshots, open the Snapshot dialog and make sure “Show HUD objects in snapshot” is checked correctly.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to change the filter and reposition your camera.
  7. OPTIONAL: Upload your favorite photos to the FilterCam Flickr Group


  • There are 4 layers of filters. Filter 0 is the mask overlay by default. Filters 1,2 and 3 are usually used as chromatic filters.
  • Together they can be programmed to handle 4 different layers and effects that overlays one over the other.
  • Default chanel is 5.

FILTER: Changes color, alpha and glow on a filter.

  • Syntax: /5filter [integer filter] [name/vector color] [float alpha] [float glow]
  • Ex: /5filter 1 red 0.3 0.05
  • Ex: /5filter 2 blue 0.5 0
  • Ex: /5filter 3 <1.0,0.5,0> 0.25 0.1
  • Available colors (colors can also be vectors as <1.0,0,0>): black blue gray green indigo magenta orange pink purple red turquoise violet white yellow cyan azure blueviolet brown sepia

MASK: Changes the overlay texture on a filter.

  • Syntax: /5mask [integer filter] [name mask]
  • Ex: /5mask 0 clear
  • Available masks: blood cinema circle clear grunge iphone nightvision oval postcard scanlines square tryptic wanted


HELP: Displays quick help.
Syntax: /5help

INSTRUCT: Get the instruction notecard.
Syntax: /5instruct

HIDE: Gets the filtering system out of the way, minimizing it so you can “mousecam”.
Syntax: /5hide

SHOW: Shows the filtering system again, maximizing it to fill the screen.
Syntax: /5show

WIDESCREEN: Widescreen form factor (default).
Syntax: /5widescreen

ULTRAWIDE: For screens that have a very large pixel width but low pixel height (for some kinds of wide screens).
Syntax: /5ultrawide

NORMAL: Normal form factor (use of the filter appears as a square).
Syntax: /5normal

RESET: Resets the camera to inital stage.
Syntax:  /5reset

CHANNEL: Changes the HUD channel.
Syntax:  /5channel #
Ex: /5channel 8


  1. Right-click/edit the HUD.
  2. Drop your texture from your local inventory to the HUD inventory.
  3. To apply the texture  mask, use the /5mask command, like /5mask 0 yourtexture


FilterCam presets are loaded from a notecard embedded in the HUD called _presets. You can add presets yourself by doing a dump of your current filters and entering them in the notecard with the following format.

  1. Create a filter set using the /5filter and /5mask commands
  2. Dump the preset code using /5dump. It will dump the code in chat and will look like:  0 black 0 0 cinema 1 black 0 0 none 2 black 0 0 none 3 black 0 0 none
  3. Copy the preset code from your chat window. Select it with your mouse and do CTRL-C.
  4. Right-click/edit the HUD and from the HUD inventory, edit the notecard named _presets
  5. Add a new line to the notecard, starting with the wanted name for the new preset followed immediately by a “pipe” symbol ( | ). Ex:   Preset5|
  6. Paste the preset code right after the pipe ( | ) symbol (see examples lower).
  7. Save the notecard and close the editing tool.
  8. Detach and re-attach the HUD for the changes to take effect.


  • Preset names MUST be UNIQUE or they will fail.
  • NO MORE THAN 12 CHARACTERS in a preset name.
  • DO NOT leave blank lines at the end of the notecard.


My Preset|0 black 0 0 cinema 1 black 0 0 none 2 black 0 0 none 3 black 0 0 none
My Preset2|0 black 0 0 scanlines 1 <0.5,0.5,0> 0.2 0 none 2 black 0 0 none 3 black 0 0 none
My Preset3|0 black 0 0 square 1 red 0.5 0 none 2 yellow 0.3 0 none 3 black 0 0 none


  1. If you want to take snapshots, don’t forget to check the box “Show HUD objects in snapshot”
  2. Detach all the other HUDs to avoid getting them in your pictures
  3. You can use joystick flycam and Space Navigator without minimizing the HUD
  4. NEVER drop the HUD prim to the ground. You never need to do that anyways. It may break scripts in the HUD.
  5. DO NOT edit the HUD prim size, use /5normal /5widescreen or /5ultrawide to adapt your screen.


  1. READ the instructions. Usually the fix is already there.
  2. If something fails, it may only need a script reset. Right click and edit the HUD, and in the Tools menu, do “Reset all scripts in selection”. Detach and re-attach the HUD.
  3. A known SL bug causes the HUD to sometimes screw with the alpha on the layers. The only way to get rid of it I found was to detach and re-attach it, sometimes 2-3 times.
  4. If everything fails, or if it’s a real bug you want to report, please send a NOTECARD to Paypabak Writer.

- Entitle it: FILTERCAM SUPPORT REQUEST -  Your full avatar name
- Specify the FilterCam version number.
- Describe the bug or issue as with much detail as possible.
- Allow up to 48 hours for a response.
- If you receive no answer, assume SL ate your Support Request & submit a new one.


LSL Scripting by CodeBastard Redgrave

Filter Masks by Ryker Beck

I would like to thank Ryker Beck for making all of those fantastic filter masks, you girl seriously kick ass.  Thanks to Alidar Moxie for being so brilliant and insightful. Thanks to Gabby Panacek for helping with promotion and documentation and distracting me from scripting.  Thanks to all alpha testers and to everyone that contributed with ideas especially the SL Plurkies. <3

(C) 2008 - MechanizedLife

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