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DonationServer Documentation

The MechanizedLife DonationServer allows you to collect, manage, and track up-to-the-minute information as to how much has been donated and what the goal is.  With the ML Donation Server, you can link multiple donation boxes together, communicating with a central server, displaying accurate, synchronized information.

Additionally, you can specify gifts or other items that will be given to your donors with each donation or based on the amount of the donation (higher donations=more valuable gifts).  Specifying multiple items for the same donation level will result in a random item being given, thereby encouraging multiple donations.

Getting Started

  1. Rez and open your gadget crate and copy the items into your inventory.
  2. Rez the DonationServer.  There is no need to deed this item to the group on group-owned land.
  3. Right click and edit the Server, select the Contents tab and open the SETTINGS notecard.
  4. Edit the notecard to customize the options you wish to utilize for collecting donations on your sim.
  • The Server and Donation boxes must be owned by the same avatar, and must be set to the same channel in order for them to communicate properly.  It is recommended that a negative number be used for the channel.  It is not necessary to change the channel from the default, but for added security, it is recommended.

; Channel the server uses to talk to the boxes, negative channel recommended.  Note the
boxes and server must be owned by the same avatar

  • Set your Donation Goal, this is displayed above each donation box:

; If you have a donation goal, this is it

  • If you will be giving a gift or item to donors, you can specify the name of the folder that will be created in the donor’s inventory:

; This is the folder the user receives their items in

  • Determine if you would like to be notified via IM each time a donation is made:

; If this is true the owner of the server gets an IM when a donation is made

  • Drag any gifts, thank you notes, landmarks, etc. that you want to be distributed to donors from your inventory to the Server’s content folder.
  • Edit the notecard to set the parameters for distributing gifts to donors:

; The items to give on donation
; The format is
; There can be as many lines as needed
ITEM=100|Tshirt 1
ITEM=100|Tshirt 2
ITEM=1000|Skin 1
**Note: When listing items to be given, you MUST use its exact name: right click the item, select Properties, Copy and Paste from the NAME field**

  • If you would like to give a standard item to everyone who donates, regardless of amount, list that item here.  It will be given to all donors, even if other donation limits are set in item 10 above.

;These Items are given to anyone who receives an item

Setting Up Your Donation Boxes

  1. Rez The Donation Box.
  2. Right click and edit the Box, select the Contents tab, and open the SETTINGS notecard.
  • Edit the Channel to match the Channel number you specified in the Server’s SETTINGS notecard.

; Channel to talk to the server on.  Remember the box and serve must be owned by the same

  • If you would like information about your goal and who donated last to appear above your Box, set SHOWTEXT to True:

; If Show Text is true information about Goal and last avatar to donate (system wide) is shown
above the box

  • Determine the color of the floating text using standard SL color vectors, the default is red:

; The color of the text to show (<1,1,1> is white, <0,0,0> is black

  • If you would like to customize the floating text to replace the standard information listed in item 4 above, enter that text here:

; If TEXT is specified, it shows this text in lieu of the typical donation info
TEXT=Donate Here
**To turn this off and allow the default information to appear, type a semi-colon in front of the workd TEXT (EX: ;TEXT=Donate Here)**

  • Repeat steps 1-6 for each Box that will be linked to the DonationServer.


If you have any questions you can IM or drop a notecard to Paypabak Writer or send an e-mail to info@mechanizedlife.com.

Copyright © 2009 MechanizedLife

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