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del.icio.us Tagger Documentation

The MechanizedLife del.icio.us Tagger lets you harness the power of the powerful and popular social bookmarking site from inside SL.  Whether you want to share your favorite locations with your del.icio.us network or just bookmark and tag the SLurls for personal reference, this is the gadget.

Getting Started

  1. Rez and open your gadget crate and copy the items into your inventory.
  2. Right click and wear your del.icio.us HUD.  The default attachment point is Center 2.
  3. Right click and edit the HUD, select the Contents tab and open the _SETTINGS notecard.
  4. Edit the notecard as follows:
  • Enter your del.icio.us account information:

; Your Del.ici.ous information

  • Select a Channel your HUD should listen to:

; The Channel to listen on, if you change this, this will be the channel you use to tag parcels
(ie, if you change it to 16 you would type /16 tag to bookmark ).

  • Specify any tags that should be applied to each bookmark:

; Any tags you want applied to each bookmark, seperated with spaces
DEFAULTTAGS=for:secondlife SLurl

  • Save and close the notecard and close the Edit window.

Bookmarking Made Easy

/15 tag

  • If you want to apply tags to your bookmark specify them like this

/15 tag tag1 tag2 … tagN

  • Go exploring and start tagging!


If you have any questions you can IM or drop a notecard to Paypabak Writer or send an e-mail to info@mechanizedlife.com.

Copyright © 2009 MechanizedLife

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