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Countdown Timer Documentation

Whether it’s counting down to your next Big Event or the opening of the next Big Movie/Concert or the next election, you will be prepared with this handy, simple-to-use gizmo.

Getting Started

  1. Rez it and have a simple countdown timer to some event.
  2. Right click and edit the timer and open the SETTINGS notecard from the comments tab.
  3. Enter the Countdown Time in the SETTINGS notecard to list the date/time of the event to count down to.
  4. Use the following format: YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM (Hour is 24-hour format).

Advanced Setup

  • Write your own scripts to do more advanced things with the device. If you’re not a scripter, this next part is going to be tricky.
  • The countdown is controlled via linked message, specifically the ‘num’ parameter of the linked message.
  • The enclosed ‘Coundown Controller - Simple Example’ should include all of the information a scripter needs to write their own scripts.
  • The ‘Countdown Controller - Running Example’ is the script actually running the clock.


If you have any questions you can IM or drop a notecard to Paypabak Writer or send an e-mail to info@mechanizedlife.com.

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