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FilterCam Halloween Edition!

Preview - FilterCam 1.05 Halloween Edition

We just released this new Halloween Edition of FilterCam, including 5 new masks by the amazing Ryker Beck, and 6 very nice presets. FilterCam users, just wear your HUD to get the new update. Or else, get FilterCam in our inworld store at Rouge or from SLX. For an undetermined time, FilterCam is 50% off. Get it now!

Beware of VirtualGet.Net and other scam sites

Word has come to us that MechanizedLife products were listed on what seems to be a credit card phishing scam website called http://virtualget.net. All our valued customers must be aware that we DO NOT sell our products on ANY other website than http://xstreetsl.com. Any other website claiming to re-sell our products are doing so illicitly. Beware that if you buy a product on such unauthorized website, we cannot help you or deliver our products in any way, as we have no links with them. If you got scammed by such website, we suggest you open a support ticket at Linden Labs to report the fraudulent website. We are already aware of VirtualGet but if you discover any other website claiming to resell our products, please report them to us directly.

CalendarCogs Business 2.0 launched: 50% off Labour Day special

As we just launch CalendarCog Business 2.0, a complete CalendarCog package for your business, we are discounting it 50% for today only! See the SLX listing here.


CalendarCog Business Pack

Are you a club owner? Event manager? Show organizer? Fashion agent? Store owner?

Whatever the type of schedule you’re managing, MechanizedLife’s CalendarCogs fulfills all of the business calendaring needs of your organization.

CalendarCogs is a complete system for managing and displaying Google Calendar events to your customers and staff inside SecondLife.

It can display your calendar events as:
- a large, attention getting display great for the wall (CalendarCog SuperBoard)
- a smaller more discrete display for doorways or remote locations (CalendarCog Kiosk)
- a display and reminder HUD for individual use by your customers and staff (CalendarCog HUD)

The CalendarCog Business Pack is a bundle of all of these components designed to get your business up and running immediately while saving you 1399$L (versus buying the components separately.)

Things you should know about the CalendarCog Business Pack:
- CalendarCog is the ultimate event promotion tool to keep your schedule in front of your visitors and bring in traffic.
- the HUD provides a benefit to your customers and staff, as they can manage their own calendar as well.
- HUD users can sync events from your kiosks or boards, and be reminded to participate!
- the pack includes a HUD vendor, so it provides you the opportunity to earn as a reseller.
- the configuration of the system is primarily web based
(using the CalendarCogs website and Google Calendars to maintain your schedule)
- the system is both sophisticated yet simple to deploy.

CalendarCog Customer Service

At MechanizedLife, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We have dedicated support staff, and support requests are addressed quickly and thoroughly.

Our motto is:
“No customer left unsatisfied with our products. We will go the extra mile to satisfy our customers.”

Contents of the CalendarCog Business Pack

The CalendarCog Business Pack includes:
- 1 x CalendarCog SuperBoard (copy/no trans) - Large displays for clubs and venues 1,699 L$
- 1 x CalendarCog Kiosk (copy/no trans) - Low footprint calendar displays 499 L$
- 10 x CalendarCog HUD (no copy/trans) - Personal wearable calendar HUDs for your staff or customers 2,500 L$
- 1 x CalendarCog HUD Vendor with 15% commission. Revenue opportunity!
Reselling the low cost HUD to your crowd means more event attendance. They get reminded!
You can also buy additional HUDs for your staff, with a rebate. Additional savings!
- Special quick setup guide for your business

Value: 6,398 L$ (sold separately)
Price: 4,999 L$ (as a pack)
Save: 1,399 L$

We hope that CalendarCog Business will suit your needs as a business owner, as we put much effort to make it easy to deploy for the smallest to largest organizations. Stay tuned for more!

Codie is on vacation: 50% off everything at MechanizedLife!

Codie will take a vacation until the 23th of august 2009. Until then, everything is 50% off at MechanizedLife. This offer is valid inworld only, both at the Rouge mainstore and on Starlust’s Harold store.

Please take note that Codie will be unavailable to answer your requests, please direct them to Paypabak Writer for tech support, or Gabby Panacek for other inquiries.

UPGRADE: CalendarCog Board/SuperBoard 2.0 RELEASED!

Yes, finally, it’s here! We at MechanizedLife are very thrilled and proud to anounce that the new generation of CalendarCog Board and SuperBoard are now available for purchase on SLX or inworld at MechanizedLife Store, on Rouge.

Here are a few highlights of what’s new:

  • CogServer no longer required; greatly improved and simplified setup!
  • Adaptive 4/5 lines display with optional board label
  • Kiosk interface, click to list events in chat, and HUD users can synchronize events
  • New hovertext Verbose mode to help diagnostics
  • New uniform modular architecture, complete rewrite of the Controller and Display components
  • Owners can add events using: /15 add

Automated upgrades should do their job in the next 24h. If you don’t get your upgrade, please contact CodeBastard Redgrave directly for a manual delivery.

UPGRADE: CalendarCog Board 2.0 in beta testing

We are really thrilled to anounce that the new CalendarCog 2.0 is ongoing beta testing as we speak. CalendarCog is a Google Calendar driven event board for SecondLife. And the best event board in SL will become even better.

MechanizedLife CalendarCogs Board and new SuperBoard

So, what is the big deal with 2.0? So many things! Here is a list of the biggest changes in the upcoming version:

  • No need for the CogServer anymore; CalendarCog Board will now be a standalone, independent device that will only need to be rezzed and configured like the Kiosks. That means much easier configuration. They still can be “grouped” together through the CalendarCog website.
  • Kiosk capabilities; the CalendarCog Board will now become an over-inflated Kiosk. Users will be able to click on the Board to get a list of upcoming events in IM, and also synchronize events with their CalendarCog HUD.
  • This is yet to be tested, but the CalendarCog Board owners should also be able to add events to their calendars in the same way it’s done with the HUD
  • Automated 5 vs. 4 line display, adjusting itself if you add a board label or not
  • Hover text diagnostic dialog, so you always know what’s going on while operating the board

The new version of the CalendarCog Board is currently in testing phase, but we are working on a few enhancements and additions too, and it should be released in the upcoming week. All current Board users will be upgraded automatically.

UPGRADE: CalendarCog Kiosk 1.8 released!

Finally, we released the 1.8 version of the amazing CalendarCog Kiosk.

It needed a complete overhaul, some basic, like AM/PM time. It needed a few bug fixes, namely for synchroning events from the Kiosks to CalendarCog HUDs. It needed a new look. We opted for several new looks, created from scratch. And we think we delivered.

MechanizedLife CalendarCog Kiosks - ALL Models

What is that CalendarCog thing, I hear you ask? CalendarCog is Google Calendars for SecondLife. And the CalendarCog Kiosk is a low lag, low prim, small footprint, lightweigth display for your Google Calendars in SecondLife. Kiosks displays events by cycling them as hover text, and will list all events when touched.

New in this release:
- AM/PM time and military time both supported!
- Synchronization bug fix
- Reset bug fix
- GET HUD option for your visitors
- CONFIG menu option to reach the website
- No more blind loading, progress bars and counters always tells you what is going on
- Removed superfluous ( ) when event has no location
- And a few more goodies…

CalendarCog Square has also been discontinued and is replaced by the CalendarCog Kiosk package, containing a square version. All customers who have not recieved updates are not in my database, please contact CodeBastard Redgrave inworld for a replacement.

Purchase CalendarCog Kiosk

Independence and Canada day promo: 2 for 1 on everything!

Until the 4th of July 2009, buy anything at the MechanizedLife or Rouge Boutique and get the same item for free, delivered to any friend or alt.

How does it work?

Buy any item(s) and send a notecard to CodeBastard Redgrave containing the following details:

Your avatar name:

Item(s) bought:

Place of purchase: (Inworld or SLX)

Date of purchase:

Avatar to recieve the free item(s):

Your free items will be delivered within 24h by CodeBastard Redgrave. Only applicable to items bought between the 28th of June 2009 and the 4th of July 2009.


Saturday Class: Working with CalendarCog

In this training session, you will learn how to manage your time efficiently with the use of CalendarCog devices (HUD, Board, Kiosks) and Google Calendars. Session starts at 2PM SLT, this Sunday the 7th of june! Be there!

The event will be held on at Rouge, click here for the SLURL.

UPGRADE: CalendarCog HUD v2.04 released

A very anticipated upgrade, and one I really wanted to do for a while is the CalendarCog HUD. It is definitely one of the most interesting product in our catalog, and our flagship product among the CalendarCog series. Those who tried it will tell you: you absolutely need this HUD if you are on a schedule.

So I am really proud to have made my homeworks, and release this major upgrade to the CalendarCog HUD. Those are the first step in a move toward much more goodies for this HUD, but I hope our customers will be pleased with the number of refinements we brought to this latest version.

MechanizedLife CalendarCog HUD v2.04 - Interface snapshot

New in this version:

  • 12 lines x 60 character per line display (old version had 5)
  • redone the complete text matrix using 10 character per prim display
  • crisp and clear new font
  • background color, background texture and text color can be changed through the config notecard
  • new non-obtrusive HUD hiding method (prevented camming through the hidden HUD)
  • MUCH faster, Mono compiled
  • new interface rearrangement in prediction of extending the HUD
  • a few bugfixes: now CalendarCog HUD can synchronize to Kiosks properly

We will continue our work on adding more goodies to your HUD now that we have a larger and more reactive and clear display, so stay tuned.

We already delivered the update through our Deliverator, since the old update server is not available to push upgrades to our customer. If it happens you have any version of the HUD prior to 2.04, please contact CodeBastard Redgrave to get your upgraded version, via a notecard or IM. Specify your complete avatar name, version number, and place of purchase (SLX or inworld). Please allow up to 24h. Thanks for your understanding.

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