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Reshaping MechanizedLife: Opensource and Our Catalog

In the wake of recent changes at Linden Lab, the new Third Party Viewer policy, the hasty release of Viewer 2.0, and several changes in the economic scheme of the Second Life platform, MechanizedLife must adapt to those changes in order to thrive and become more relevant in this context.

This is why we have decided to announce that MechanizedLife will be discontinuing a large part of our product catalog, and will immediately cease support of those products. We also announce that we will release MANY of those discontinued products under an OpenSource license, yet to be determined.

Starting right now, most of the products scheduled to be discontinued will be displayed on a discount wall at the MechanizedLife store for L$1. We will progressively update the vendors with full perm copies as soon as possible, as well as publish the source code on this website. We will also immediately retire RSS Viewer, ArchivesTV and Del.icio.us from the store, since the services they depend on will eventually be discontinued.

Note that those products, specifically the RSS Viewer, ArchivesTV and Del.icio.us tagger, depend on external PHP backends that we will keep maintaining for at least a few months, however we cannot guarantee their future reliability. We apologize in advance for any canada online casinos inconvenience, and will do our best to help our customers find alternative technologies where needed. We will also eventually release those source codes, including the PHP backends, but we can only do so when we shut down the backend scripts, for security reasons.

The discontinued products are:

  • RSS Viewer (obsolete under 2.0 - NO immediate source code release)
  • ArchivesTV (NO immediate source code release)
  • Del.icio.us Tagger (NO immediate source code release)
  • RezURL (source code will be released)
  • MarketLink (source code will be released)
  • FormXchange (source code will be released)
  • Countdown Timer (source code will be released)
  • Donation Server (source code will be released)

Products that will be kept in the MechanizedLife catalog for right now:

  • CalendarCogs (all products: HUD, Board, SuperBoard, Kiosks)
  • FilterCam HUD
  • MachinimaCam HUD
  • StatsCollector

Expect more changes to come rapidly, as we are re-handling our product catalog and planning future developments. We will make an announcement when the process of retiring discontinued products and publishing the source code is complete.

Thank you for your continued support,

CodeBastard Redgrave
Owner, MechanizedLife

Don’t Miss The Machinima Artists Panel

Machinima Artists Panel - Saturday, May 30, 2009

Machinima Artists Panel - Saturday, May 30, 2009

MechanizedLife, in collaboration with The League of Muses, presents the Machinima Artists Panel.

We have invited five of Second Life’s most creative and prolific Machinima Artists to participate in this interactive discussion about the art of machinima in Second Life.

Moo Money, Pyewacket Bellman, Samlowry Hawks, Osiris Pfalz and CodeWarrior Carling will be on hand to answer every question you’ve ever had about machinima.

Join us Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 2:00 PM SLT.  You don’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind event!

UPGRADE: CalendarCog HUD v2.04 released

A very anticipated upgrade, and one I really wanted to do for a while is the CalendarCog HUD. It is definitely one of the most interesting product in our catalog, and our flagship product among the CalendarCog series. Those who tried it will tell you: you absolutely need this HUD if you are on a schedule.

So I am really proud to have made my homeworks, and release this major upgrade to the CalendarCog HUD. Those are the first step in a move toward much more goodies for this HUD, but I hope our customers will be pleased with the number of refinements we brought to this latest version.

MechanizedLife CalendarCog HUD v2.04 - Interface snapshot

New in this version:

  • 12 lines x 60 character per line display (old version had 5)
  • redone the complete text matrix using 10 character per prim display
  • crisp and clear new font
  • background color, background texture and text color can be changed through the config notecard
  • new non-obtrusive HUD hiding method (prevented camming through the hidden HUD)
  • MUCH faster, Mono compiled
  • new interface rearrangement in prediction of extending the HUD
  • a few bugfixes: now CalendarCog HUD can synchronize to Kiosks properly

We will continue our work on adding more goodies to your HUD now that we have a larger and more reactive and clear display, so stay tuned.

We already delivered the update through our Deliverator, since the old update server is not available to push upgrades to our customer. If it happens you have any version of the HUD prior to 2.04, please contact CodeBastard Redgrave to get your upgraded version, via a notecard or IM. Specify your complete avatar name, version number, and place of purchase (SLX or inworld). Please allow up to 24h. Thanks for your understanding.

Saturday Class: Introduction to machinima and MachinimaCam

This class will be a condensed version of my previous classes, covering all from the standpoint of a beginner (required software for capture and post processing, hardware, camera controls, joystick/SpaceNav) to all operational aspects of the MachinimaCam HUD.

Class is free, so bring your friends.

Saturday May 23th - 9AM SLT to 11AM SLT

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rouge/126/70/22


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