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CalendarCog HUD Documentation

The CogHUD allows you to track appointments, events, reminders, or whatever you choose to note on your Google Calendar, without having to open another application while in SL.  Since these events are stored on a Google Calendar, you can do all of the things you can do with a normal Google Calendar, including displaying on a Website, viewing it while you are in Real Life, and using it with other applications that interface with the Google Calendar. This HUD allows you to track appointments and events with its own internal CogBoard and to interact with your Google Calendar application inworld as well as with a CogKiosk, CogBoard or CogSquare.

If you already own a CogHUD and are interested in the new features of v2.0, skip down to Settings.

Getting Started

If you do not have a Google Calendar account, please sign up for one before trying to use the HUD.  You can get one for free at http://www.google.com/calendar. You should set up a calendar with at least a name and a few events so you can test it once you’ve rezzed the CogHUD. (For a full “tour” of Google Calendar capabilities and how to use them, they have great support at http://www.google.com/googlecalendar/tour.html)

  1. To begin using your CogHUD, simply wear it.
  2. If it is the first time you have worn it and you have not set up any previous Calendar Cog objects, you will be given a temporary password and asked to go to the Calendar Cog Website (http://www.calendarcogs.com) to finish the setup.
  3. Use the password provided in chat to register your CogHUD.
  4. You will be given an opportunity to change the password during setup.
  5. Once you have completed the set up, return to Second Life and reset your HUD by typing the following: /15 reset

Typing /15 will force the HUD to connect to your particular Google Calendar and you will begin receiving 5-minute reminders for events on your calendar. (New to v2.0 - Any time you change your SETTINGS notecard your HUD will reset.)


Touch the CalendarCog icon to display or hide the display board.  Use the left and right arrows near the bottom to scroll through items.


  • To add an event to your calendar type the following: /15 add and follow the on-screen instructions, using /15 when entering the requested information.

Type: /15 Add
Cog HUD: Adding an event to this calendar.
Cog HUD: Enter the time for the event to begin, use HH24:MI MM/DD/YYYY format.
Type: /15 22:00 07/18/2007
Cog HUD: You are entering an event starting 22:00 07/18/2007.
Cog HUD: Enter the time for the event to end, use HH24:MI MM/DD/YYYY format.
Type: /15 23:00 07/18/2007
Cog HUD: You are entering an event ending 23:00 07/18/2007.
Cog HUD: Enter the title for the event.
Type: /15 Wedding Rehearsal
Cog HUD: Your Event’s title is Wedding Rehearsal
Cog HUD: Please enter your event’s location.
Type: TBA
Cog HUD: Your Event’s location is TBA
Cog HUD: Please enter your event’s description (enter NONE for none).
You: /15 None

  • To change your password on the Website to X: /15 password X and follow the on-screen instructions, using /15 when entering the requested information

Calendar Management

  • One of the great features of Google Calendars is the ability to share them with employees, friends, and relatives. You do this using the “Manage calendars” link which appears under the list of calendars in the lefthand column on the Google Calendar page. Using this website tool, you can invite someone to share your calendar or even give them rights to make changes and add events to it. You do need to know the other avatar’s e-mail that is linked to their Google account, which may differ from the one linked to the avatar’s Second Life account.
  • The CalendarCog Website (http://www.calendarcogs.com) provides allows you to link your CogHUD (and other CalendarCog products) to more than one Google Calendar.  Suppose you want to have your HUD tell you about your personal events, the events for a role-playing group you are in, and the events at the local dance hall.  Simply log in to your “Set up Cogs” page and choose Aggregation under the drop-down menu for the object listed (ie: HUD or a Kiosk). On the next screen, you can choose multiple Google Calendars from the list of your own calendars as well as “add a calendar from the public directory.” (You are then provided forms for searches based on owner name, title, directory, or a drop-down menu generated from Google Calendars to which you have been given access.)
  • The CC Website also allows you to create directories of your various Google calendars to organize them for sharing with others. Look at the bottom of the Setup Cog screen to find this text: “Directories are calendars of yours that you have decided others can link to their own objects. This can be revoked at any time, and a directory calendar can never be added to by another user.” Use the  “Add / Modify / Delete” to access the Directories options page.


New to the v2.0 CogHUD are these abilities:

  • Display of events
  • AM/PM Option
  • Popup Reminders
  • Sound Reminders
  • Snooze
  • Customizable Reminder Times

Most of these are handled using the new SETTINGS card found in the Contents of your HUD. The HUD is a large enough object that you can rez in on the ground or an elevated surface like a table Note: This isn’t neccessary, you can right-click and edit while its attached to you.

Right click, select edit and go to the Contents tab to Open the SETTINGS notecard.

  • ; IF the following is TRUE, use normal time (hours 1-12, ex 7:30PM), if false, use the 24 hour clock (0-24, ex 19:30).
  • ; If the following is true, use a Dialog box with snooze options for reminders
  • ; If the following is TRUE, play a sound for a reminder
  • ; REMINDERSOUND is either the UUID of the sound to play or the name of the sound if you drop it into your HUD. (If you use the UUID method, look in your inventory for a sound, right click on it and choose ‘Copy Asset UUID” and paste it in place of “Some Sound”–and delete the semicolon in front of the command.)
    ; REMINDERSOUND=Some Sound
  • ; REMINDTIME is in Minutes, this is the number of minutes before an event you get a reminder.


If you have any questions contact Paypabak Writer, inworld, via IM or Notecard, or send an e-mail to info@mechanizedlife.com.

Google Disclaimer
Neither CodeBastard Redgrave, Calendar Cogs, MechanizedLife, etc. are affiliated, associated with, or endorsed by Google in any way.  CalendarCog products simply take advantage of the great tools Google has made available to Web developers the world over and their use should not be seen as Google giving any sort of stamp of approval.

Copyright © 2008 MechanizedLife

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