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CalendarCog Board Documentation

Free yourself from the dictates of the notecard-driven event board! With the EventBoard and Server from MechanizedLife, you and those who share your Google Calendar application can program multiple event boards without even logging into Second Life! Plan out your year and never give your boards another thought!

Getting Started

If you do not have a Google Calendar account, please sign up for one before trying to use these products. You can get one for free at http://www.google.com/calendar. You should set up one calendar with at least a name and some dates so you can get started. Take the tour to learn more about Google Calendars at http://www.google.com/googlecalendar/tour.html.

  1. Open the Cogbox.
  2. Rez the CogServer first.
  3. Open it using the Edit tool.
  • We recommend renaming the server, so you won’t confuse it with copies.
  • Then edit the “0_settings” notecard with the name you want to register with your CalendarCog account (you’ll be prompted to register it there, edit the notecard first).
  • Also set a password—it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) match either your SL or Google accounts.

Go to the CalendarCogs page.

  1. Use your avatar name and the password provided in the chat history when you rezzed the server if this is your first visit. (You will be taken through a process that will allow you to change the password, as well as connect this Webiste to your Google Calendar account.)
  2. If you already have an account, you log in and are taken to the Set up Cogs page.
  3. Under PrivateName, the name you just edited for the CogServer should be listed;
  4. under Object, it should be described as Server.
  5. There is a checkbox for Public—don’t check it off. You don’t want anyone fooling with the server.
  6. Use the dropdown menu to choose a calendar to feed to the board.

Rez the CogBoard.

  1. Edit the _SETTINGS notecard in the board’s Contents so that the password and channels match (the default settings for the channels match and can be kept unless you know they’re not available in your sim).
  2. There are other settings that can be changed—they’re explained on the notecard, as well as below.
  3. Again, it’s a good idea to rename the board so it’s not confused with the “original” board and keeps that one in its original condition should you need to start over.
  4. You can also size the board to fit your needs, stretching it along the diagonal.

Reset the Gadgets.

  1. Click on the server first. A blue menu will appear in the above right corner of your screen.
  2. Click on RESET. It doesn’t tell you via chat whether it’s resetting since also does it twice an hour on it own and that could get annoying!
  3. Then click on the board. It will ask you to type “reset” in the chat box—this will start a sequence that ought to reflect what the server is feeding from your Google Calendar to the board.
  4. It can take up to a minute for the actual board to display the information depending on SL speeds. (Note, changing the _SETTINGS notecard in the board will automatically reset it and load your new settings).
  • You can have any number of boards set to read off that server. And you can have multiple servers feeding to multiple boards from various calendars.

Settings for the CogBoard

  • password=mypassword (This needs to match the server.)
  • channel=10 (This channel is fine unless your sim uses it. Again, this needs to match the server’s channel setting.)
  • looping=FALSE
  • loopingdelay=120
  • (When looping is TRUE, the display will loop through the various events, loopingdelay is the amount of time a set of events — 4 rows — appears before it changes, use if you have more than four events, otherwise leave FALSE.)
  • label=Train Departures and Arrivals (Sets the first row of text on the board—should be the “name” of your board.)
  • textcolor=<1,1,1> (textcolor is the color of the text (r,g,b), uses values between 0 and 1)
  • notecard=demo (If you want to give out a notecard on touch, specify it’s name here. And of course, add the notecard to the Contents of the board.)
  • ONEDAY=FALSE (If set to TRUE, the CogBoard will show only the first day of events)

For questions, contact Paypabak Writer in-world via notecard or IM or send an email to info@mechanizedlife.com

Google Disclaimer


Neither CodeBastard Redgrave, Calendar Cogs, MechanizedLife, etc. are affiliated, associated with, or endorsed by Google in any way. CalendarCog products simply take advantage of the great tools Google has made available to Web developers the world over and their use should not be seen as Google giving any sort of stamp of approval.

Copyright © 2007 MechanizedLife

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