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MechanizedLife is owned by noted scripter, photographer, entrepreneur and Second Life personality, CodeBastard Redgrave.

Originally created by Alidar Moxie, MechanizedLife was sold to Redgrave in January of 2009.  Redgrave’s other Second Life businesses and properties include: The Rouge Sim, Code Red Lounge, The Boudoir Rouge Gallery, and the Rouge Boutique which houses the Boudoir Rouge line of individual and couples poses, the Dramavatar line of eyes and clothing and the MechanizedLife catalog of products.

MechanizedLife products are scripted tools designed to make your Second Life more enjoyable and include a range of products for both casual users and business owners.  See the full catalog of products here.

For product support please send a notecard in-world to Paypabak Writer.  For business inquiries please contact Gabby Panacek via in-world notecard.  Questions, comments and suggestions can also be sent via email to info@mechanizedlife.com.  Please be sure to include your avatar name, the name of the product purchased and all pertinent transaction information with your inquiry.

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