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Google Update: Last Spin for CalendarCogs

A story I didn’t want to write but one that was on a horizon very clear to see: The CalendarCog product line, initiated in 2007, has reached the end of its viability. The calendars and kiosks and HUDs that connected to Google via APIs were incredibly useful and practical gadgets in their day. Last November, Google changed the API protocols and pretty much severed our ability to connect Google with Second Life. You may ask, why not open source it? Codie feels the code is obsolete. Hey, last time we modified it was at least four years ago. A lot of changes have been made to Second Life as well as Google APIs.

We really haven’t sold any Cogs for more than a year. It’s been that long since I’ve done any customer service worth mentioning until one person contacted me last week about being unable to get a Cog board to work. Codie is retiring the product from our store and the SL Marketplace. I get to write the obituary.

I went to look for some of the CalendarCog product praises that SL bloggers have put forth over the years … even those are gone! The party is over, we had a very good run. Thank you to all who used our Cogs, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Paypabak Writer for Codebastard Redgrave and MechanizedLIFE

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