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SuperBoard Sighted at Roller Derby Venue!

CalendarCogs are still the best way to handle event sharing in Second Life. I know we’ll be seeing more sales of them at other venues in the SLRDA, the new roller derby association that is growing like wildfire. Here’s why:

Group Notice From: cStar Angels of No Mercy, Christiana Xevion

You can thank Payback zaBitch for rezzing an amazing Announcement Board from Mechanized Life on our Arena. If you visit the Arena, you can see at a glance the events on our calendar cycling through on a huge board. You can read the board from the grand stands, it’s so large. You can also view the calendar webpage (the board and Calendar are synched):


Please visit the Arena to see the amazing new BOARD!

Here’s some of the Angels practicing, with the SuperBoard in the background Go to¬†cStar Angels of No Mercy Arena to see for yourself.

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