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Stats Collectors Reaching End of Service

Written and posted by Paypabak Writer

With sales of MechanizedLIFE StatsCollectors long deceased and as of this weekend, over, we continue to provide hosting services for those that have been deployed at a cost that long ago exceeded the remuneration received. We had discussed potential updates/upgrades of this excellent product, but the time for doing such has pretty much eluded us. It’s time to make a decision about the future of continuing to support the product and we would like some input from the people still using it.

To recap the salient features of this product: “This device allows you to place a sensor on your Second Life property and subscribe to an RSS feed that lists the people who came in contact with it. In effect, it creates a blog customized for your use. You can put the RSS feed on your Blog, your news reader, etc. The stats collected can give you a better idea of how you business is doing. New functions have been added and include: a link to any visiting avatar’s profile as supplied by SecondLife.com, create an ignore list, you dont have to do the ‘reset’ procedure, saving the notecard will reset the script, and a ‘time on parcel’ feature.” You were able to analyze stats via charts or by downloading up to 30 days’ worth of data in CVG format for use with Excel. (See pic.) With the advent of media on a prim, you could have the stats actually viewable inworld, live.

We want to be fair but we should not be expected to provide costly hosting services indefinitely either. We are open to suggestions on how to proceed. One thing we would consider is selling a license for the StatsCollector that would allow the owner to put the advanced stats application on a server of his or her own choosing. Would people be willing to pay a small hosting fee on a quarterly basis? We are open to other ideas.

Please use this article to post reactions or IM me, Paypabak Writer, about your continued use of StatsCollectors in your SL business.

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