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MachinimaCam 1.12 Released

I know this update was much overdue and I sincerely apologize for that, and want to say that I appreciate your patience. As you probably know, several things got in the way, rebuilding MechanizedLife, FilterCam, work on MachinimaCam 2, RL business, and personal projects. Certain issues like the old update script being messed up made me report the update over and over again, also. But it’s here, it’s done, so let’s rejoice!

This a heavy duty maintenance release, plus a few new effects. One of the only real complaint I ever got about MachinimaCam was the fact that gestures spammed chat. I admit it, it was a buzzkill, but at the times I conceived MachinimaCam, it didn’t seem necessary to me. Well, now it’s fixed, you got all gestures programmed on a private channel, and commands are no longer chatted. Also since MachinimaCam was very verbose, I added a silent mode which is enabled by default.

Here’s the release notes:

  • Re-ajusted version to 1.xx
  • Private channel + owner check (2nd field in the object’s description field)
  • Replaced all gestures with private channel gestures
  • Silent mode: 1st field in the object description (1 = enabled)
  • Fixed Front Cam to work as intended. Scroll wheel until almost to mouselook and roam around for a 1st person effect)
  • Fixed a bug with Spin cam not repositioning correctly after moving away from the original camera position
  • Added Fluid Cam
  • Added Lag Cam
  • Added Decay Cam
  • Shortened the update delay
  • Added silent mode + channel + freemem display on init
  • Fixed several typos and updated some changes like the hide interface key combo
  • Updated docs
  • Fixed update server script
  • Mono recompiled


This is a hard upgrade because the old update script contained in the previous versions of the camera won’t do it’s job properly. So I am using my Deliverator to manually send a replacement copy to all SLX/Marketplace customers and inworld customers that bought it through my Hippo vendors. The other customers (pre 2008) and also educational that got free MachinimaCam’s will unfortunately have to either wait a bit until I sort the old lists out, or simply contact me directly to get the free upgrade. I am very sorry about the hassle but when it’s sorted out, fortunately, the new update script should make it easier in the future.

If you didn’t receive your update, please send me a notecard titled “MachinimaCam Update - Your Avatarname” and I will manually send you a replacement ASAP (please allow up to 48h). I may have hundreds to manually replace so please be patient.

The updated version is available only inworld and on SLX for now as Marketplace apparently doesn’t let me replace an item in my current listing. Investigating on why.


Saturday the 30th of October at Noon, Pacific time, I will be offering a FREE MachinimaCam seminar. The session lasts about 1h30 and is an introduction class to new MachinimaCam users as well as current ones. We will review the new features and configurations available in the new version. We hope you will attend!

Here’s the SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rouge/126/70/22

I want to thank the community for supporting MachinimaCam despite it’s little kinks, I’m glad of all the feedbacks and hope this update will make it more fun and useful for every machinimist.

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