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Memorial for the Laid-off Lindens

Submitted by Paypabak Writer

It’s already old news but read this in case you’ve been focused on other things. Great dreamers, hard workers, and people who really got immersed with the residents of Second Life were laid off two weeks ago. The people are not dead, the dream is not dead, but those avatars are transmigrating and something precious has been lost.

Codie and Gabby put up a little graveyard in the middle of the Rouge Club with names of many of these folks. This gesture, which was highlighted in Flickr and by other bloggers, posted on Plurk, etc., brought a rush of visitors to a sim that is a wonderful showcase of the creativity and freedom of expression that is the heart of Second Life. They have left all kinds of tokens for favorite Linden friends and pretty much challenged the object limits of the sim very quickly.

Gabby informed me that they have someone willing to let them move the memorial to somewhere where people can continue to add to the markers. This is nothing new and original. Second Life has a memorial garden and a day set aside for remembrance that has become a model for memorials throughout our virtual world. I have seen numerous such sites, especially in the various roleplaying sims I’ve visited. Recently a wonderful professional acquaintance passed away in first life and the memorial her friends created moved me to tears at how strong the ties binding us in a virtual world can be.

This memorial is different, to be sure, but nevertheless a heartfelt tribute to those Lindens who are gone. What is significant isn’t so much that they needed to be honored so much as people were compelled to do so.

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