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Reshaping MechanizedLife: Opensource and Our Catalog

In the wake of recent changes at Linden Lab, the new Third Party Viewer policy, the hasty release of Viewer 2.0, and several changes in the economic scheme of the Second Life platform, MechanizedLife must adapt to those changes in order to thrive and become more relevant in this context.

This is why we have decided to announce that MechanizedLife will be discontinuing a large part of our product catalog, and will immediately cease support of those products. We also announce that we will release MANY of those discontinued products under an OpenSource license, yet to be determined.

Starting right now, most of the products scheduled to be discontinued will be displayed on a discount wall at the MechanizedLife store for L$1. We will progressively update the vendors with full perm copies as soon as possible, as well as publish the source code on this website. We will also immediately retire RSS Viewer, ArchivesTV and Del.icio.us from the store, since the services they depend on will eventually be discontinued.

Note that those products, specifically the RSS Viewer, ArchivesTV and Del.icio.us tagger, depend on external PHP backends that we will keep maintaining for at least a few months, however we cannot guarantee their future reliability. We apologize in advance for any canada online casinos inconvenience, and will do our best to help our customers find alternative technologies where needed. We will also eventually release those source codes, including the PHP backends, but we can only do so when we shut down the backend scripts, for security reasons.

The discontinued products are:

  • RSS Viewer (obsolete under 2.0 - NO immediate source code release)
  • ArchivesTV (NO immediate source code release)
  • Del.icio.us Tagger (NO immediate source code release)
  • RezURL (source code will be released)
  • MarketLink (source code will be released)
  • FormXchange (source code will be released)
  • Countdown Timer (source code will be released)
  • Donation Server (source code will be released)

Products that will be kept in the MechanizedLife catalog for right now:

  • CalendarCogs (all products: HUD, Board, SuperBoard, Kiosks)
  • FilterCam HUD
  • MachinimaCam HUD
  • StatsCollector

Expect more changes to come rapidly, as we are re-handling our product catalog and planning future developments. We will make an announcement when the process of retiring discontinued products and publishing the source code is complete.

Thank you for your continued support,

CodeBastard Redgrave
Owner, MechanizedLife

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  1. Could you mention more precisely what changes are making your products obsolete and how?

  2. admin

    Of course, Frans.

    The changes with 2.0 affects a few of our products in indirect and some in direct ways.

    The RSS Viewer is practically obsolete, as HTML on a prim is likely to replace it directly, with a simple Wordpress pluging that allows the pages to reload automatically to view the blog posts (or by a script that does that SL side). Also, another problem we always had with the RSS Viewer is that it didn’t support UTF-8, but this had nothing to do with 2.0.

    Archives TV allowed search and viewing of videos from the Archives.Org, now they can be viewed from HTML on a prim, too.

    Same goes for the Del.icio.us tagger, tho it still has it’s basic functionalities like posting links to Del.icio.us, HTML on a prim should allow the users to do that directly via a prim.

    As for the rest, most of those devices are for handling URLs inworld, and tho their functionality is still there, there is less point of maintaining them, hence why we will release the source code for them.

    Hope it answers your question,


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