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ML Spotlight: ALA Island

kioskAt ALA Island, where ALA=American Library Association, Oberon Octagon has installed a wide variety of MechanizedLIFE gadgets! They are about to host a conference called The Future Is Now: Libraries and Museums in Virtual Worlds, sponsored by LearningTimes. The island was designed by graduate students of the San Jose State University Library Sciences School under Oberon’s direction and launched in January 2008, hosting conferences and events like Banned Books Week and National Library Week. In 2009, he asked ML to be part of a hunt during NLW and Codie went along with it.

“I remember sitting with Alidar Moxie and Robyn … something … in their new store. I bought all the Cog stuff that connects with Google Calendars,” Oberon told me in January this year. “Then the StatsCollectors came out and I bought a six pack of those. We have them placed at various strategic spots on the island to track visitors. What is great about these collectors is they tie to a Website where we can look at charts and graphs interpreting the data for a 30-day period.”

He showed me how he retextured one of Ali’s old CogKiosks with the ALA logo. Pretty cool. Of course, we upgraded the kiosks and discountinued that shape, providing instead, ten different shapes and sizes that can be used. ALA is using those now, along with our Countdown Timer, RSS Screen, and the Super Event Board.

I jokingly suggested that he ought to place an affiliate vendor in their bookstore, and he mentioned that at one point, he had purchased 25 CogHUDs to give out to ALA members who joined the SL group for ALA members. Ali had it all set up but it got too complicated to support when she sold the business to Codie, so they dropped the arrangement and refunded the money.
super event board
I seem to recall that we had a booth at a Virtual Fair put on by the Librarians of Second Life one year and did fairly well. A very sizable number of librarians do volunteer work for their institutions in SL.

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