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Bloggers Love FilterCam

Happy New Year!

We just wanted to take a few moments and share with you a couple of great reviews/tutorials that were blogged recently by Alicia Chenaux and SarahTheRed Aurbierre.

Follow the links to read these two fantastic posts:

From Ch’Know Style: FilterCam 2.0 is Ready!!

And from What? Another Fashion real casino games online Blog?: Feature/Tutorial: MechanizedLife FilterCam

Thanks so much to Ali and Sarah for their support of FilterCam!

UPDATE:  And here’s another good one from Shyayn Lusch’s The Digital Doll: CodeBastard Redgrave is Such a  B!tch Thanks, Shy!

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  1. I use the filtercam for all my vendors. And for my snapzilla direct email posting.

    I use it because I don’t like to use photo shop at ALL on my vendors. I want to make sure that people can see what the skins or outfits actually look like, rather than an artistic rendition. That said, a boring image snapshot doesn’t look very professional. So I snap the pics, upload them to flickr, crop them using picnik, and then upload them to SL directly onto the vendors.


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