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ML Spotlight: Raven Haalan

Raven Haalan uses our Calendar Cogs and therefore is the focus of this Spotlight. However, Raven is worth the spotlight for a number of other great reasons: he’s a great scripter in his own right, with the RavenScript product line (the store mentioned in this blog is closed, sad to say). He’s involved with the communications team for Burning Life in SL, which is the mega event of Second Life, entering its seventh year of infamy. He also participates in Step Up!, a special event day for creating awareness about content theft in SL. Raven is also a delightful resident of SL in any of his three forms: Jaime Kenin and Binary Rascon being his other avatars. Time spent with any of these people is well spent as my sister Pay can attest, and for whom I am indebted for all her notes and pix taken in service to this article. Of course, I wonder sometimes where he gets time for operating three avis and all the things he does when he also is a regular contributor to Prim Perfect!

SLers Ottawa Group clubhouse in the sky.

SLers Ottawa Group clubhouse in the sky.

Raven has probably done the best job of ’splaining how Calendar Cogs work outside of this blog, of course (although the new upgrade now does away with the server components he describes). He is using the Superboard to handle events for his latest SL project, the “SLers of Ottawa, Canada” group, where he has created a clubhouse for fellow Canadians to meet and plot virtual domination of SL. (Doesn’t everyone belong to a group like that?) Sister Pay was there while Raven built the skybox for this group and came away impressed with the speed at which he worked.

Raven added a red bow for the holidays to the SuperBoard announcing SLers of Ottawa, Canada, events.

Raven added a red bow for the holidays to the SuperBoard announcing SLers of Ottawa, Canada, events.

Thanks, Raven, for your continued support of MechanizedLIFE products!

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  1. Hugs Pay - great shot of the clubhouse. Yep, the new 2.0 eliminating the server is very much ftw. My use of C-Cogs can only expand, and I never hesitate to recommend it.

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