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Incoming changes to the MechanizedLife Store relatively to Linden Lab’s new XstreetSL policies

Dear customers,

Many of our customers probably already read about the roadmap of incoming changes to the XstreetSL marketplace as described on Linden Lab’s blog. Tho we will refrain from commenting this change in policy, we believe our customers can understand our concerns regarding the impact of such policy on the burgeoning and vast ecosystem of content creators. As we believe those policies affects XstreetSL as a free market, we also believe MechanizedLife must opt in for alternative web commerce solutions that will be beneficial to our customers.

This is why MechanizedLife will take the following measures in the incoming days:

  • We will downsize our presence on XstreetSL to a strict minimum, only keeping our most successful products on there.
  • After selecting what we consider to be the best alternative out there, we will redirect all of our current web product links to this new commerce portal.
  • We will register and list our products on a couple of selected alternative commerce portals after we are done evaluating them.
  • We will provide an alternative web mechanism for our customers to be able to get special freebies like our CalendarCog Password Resetter. We will also make such key items available inworld.
  • We will retire all our other freebies from XstreetSL, including the popular SLURL HUD, which will only be available inworld at the MechanizedLife store. We may re-list it on alternative commerce portals.
  • We will encourage our customers to visit us inworld as we appreciate both your business and your traffic, or shop from our alternative web store.

We apologize for any temporary inconveniences during this transitional phase, but we hope our customers will gain an improved shopping experience as a result of it. Thanks and kudos to all of our customers for their continuous feedback and support, and making MechanizedLife what it is today.

Codie <3

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