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ML Spotlight: Crap Cogs

Hi, I’m Paypabak Writer and I will be highlighting the people and places using MechanizedLIFE products on what I hope to be a weekly or at least three-times-a-month basis. The first person I thought of (and whom Codie also suggested) was Crap Mariner! Crap wrote about Calendar Cogs back in September 2008 and has been a great advocate of our products for even longer! Up until the most recent release of Cog Kiosks in a set of ten different types of prim displays, Crap had a habit of stripping the script out of the old kiosks and inserting them in shapes she thought best expressed her whimsical place in the SLuniverse. But the new configuration includes an invisible prim version that now suits her best. She’s placed them in bells, bridge signs, and large clocks among other things, displaying the events that occur on various sims in her community.


As she told me during our tour: “Things have quieted down a bit around here since the heyday of the Clocktower, but there’s a few events a week at the Yak, Louis’ weekly improvs [reference to the Louis Volare Peace Center], storytelling on the beach, and so on. So if folks are wandering around or coming in, they can see at a glance that things do happen [and when]. And since everybody in the neighborhood has access to the Google calendar, they … use the same core calendar, and I deploy the kiosks for them if they want them. Cogs allow for people to cross-promote, etc. without being annoying during event and shouting or wasting group slots.”

They suck at math, which explains why they call themselves Five Islands when there are really ten sims involved. Craps describes their community as “half free-range loony-bin, half bunker from the real world.” Crap really appreciates how the Cog Kiosks are such a low-prim investment for alerting visitors to the events of Edloe Island, Nowhereville, and Blakslee World, relieving the community of building signs for events. For evil kicks, Crap readily admits placing sit-ball pillows under the main landing points in her sim: “yes, i intentionally put these pillows here so if people rest here, folks teleporting in land on them. I’m a total shit ;)” So underneath that lovely metal exterior is a rusty metal interior! Thanks, Crap for taking the time to show me around your wonderful sims and for using our products. Some of the best live music performers play Crap’s venue, so keep an eye out of those kiosks!!

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