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UPGRADE: CalendarCog Board 2.0 in beta testing

We are really thrilled to anounce that the new CalendarCog 2.0 is ongoing beta testing as we speak. CalendarCog is a Google Calendar driven event board for SecondLife. And the best event board in SL will become even better.

MechanizedLife CalendarCogs Board and new SuperBoard

So, what is the big deal with 2.0? So many things! Here is a list of the biggest changes in the upcoming version:

  • No need for the CogServer anymore; CalendarCog Board will now be a standalone, independent device that will only need to be rezzed and configured like the Kiosks. That means much easier configuration. They still can be “grouped” together through the CalendarCog website.
  • Kiosk capabilities; the CalendarCog Board will now become an over-inflated Kiosk. Users will be able to click on the Board to get a list of upcoming events in IM, and also synchronize events with their CalendarCog HUD.
  • This is yet to be tested, but the CalendarCog Board owners should also be able to add events to their calendars in the same way it’s done with the HUD
  • Automated 5 vs. 4 line display, adjusting itself if you add a board label or not
  • Hover text diagnostic dialog, so you always know what’s going on while operating the board

The new version of the CalendarCog Board is currently in testing phase, but we are working on a few enhancements and additions too, and it should be released in the upcoming week. All current Board users will be upgraded automatically.

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  1. The board label/5th event line switch is a GREAT idea.

    Now I can put my Welcome to Edloe banner in nice script over the board and have 5 lines of events.

    Tytytytytytyty (include usual gushing)


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