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UPGRADE: CalendarCog HUD v2.04 released

A very anticipated upgrade, and one I really wanted to do for a while is the CalendarCog HUD. It is definitely one of the most interesting product in our catalog, and our flagship product among the CalendarCog series. Those who tried it will tell you: you absolutely need this HUD if you are on a schedule.

So I am really proud to have made my homeworks, and release this major upgrade to the CalendarCog HUD. Those are the first step in a move toward much more goodies for this HUD, but I hope our customers will be pleased with the number of refinements we brought to this latest version.

MechanizedLife CalendarCog HUD v2.04 - Interface snapshot

New in this version:

  • 12 lines x 60 character per line display (old version had 5)
  • redone the complete text matrix using 10 character per prim display
  • crisp and clear new font
  • background color, background texture and text color can be changed through the config notecard
  • new non-obtrusive HUD hiding method (prevented camming through the hidden HUD)
  • MUCH faster, Mono compiled
  • new interface rearrangement in prediction of extending the HUD
  • a few bugfixes: now CalendarCog HUD can synchronize to Kiosks properly

We will continue our work on adding more goodies to your HUD now that we have a larger and more reactive and clear display, so stay tuned.

We already delivered the update through our Deliverator, since the old update server is not available to push upgrades to our customer. If it happens you have any version of the HUD prior to 2.04, please contact CodeBastard Redgrave to get your upgraded version, via a notecard or IM. Specify your complete avatar name, version number, and place of purchase (SLX or inworld). Please allow up to 24h. Thanks for your understanding.

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