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NEW RELEASE: CalendarCog Board update and new SuperBoard

You need to display events from Google Calendars, larger than life? The CalendarCog Boards and SuperBoards are for you.

We just released this new long awaited version of the CalendarCog Board. Minor upgrade in appearance, but under the hood there’s a new roaring kitty. The new Board is half of the prims of the original, for a crisper and more readable display. The new Boards are also tintable and texturable through the configuration notecard.

The SuperBoard is one huge 20m wide display, when just big is not enough. Every character on this low prim board is bigger than your average avatar’s head and makes it hard not to notice.

We already sent upgrades for owners of the CalendarCog Board v1.2. If you own the old version and didn’t receive an upgrade, please IM CodeBastard Redgrave inworld to get a replacement. The new Board and SuperBoard will be available for sale on SLX and inworld today.

MechanizedLife CalendarCogs Board and new SuperBoard

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