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Google Update: Last Spin for CalendarCogs

A story I didn’t want to write but one that was on a horizon very clear to see: The CalendarCog product line, initiated in 2007, has reached the end of its viability. The calendars and kiosks and HUDs that connected to Google via APIs were incredibly useful and practical gadgets in their day. Last November, Google changed the API protocols and pretty much severed our ability to connect Google with Second Life. You may ask, why not open source it? Codie feels the code is obsolete. Hey, last time we modified it was at least four years ago. A lot of changes have been made to Second Life as well as Google APIs.

We really haven’t sold any Cogs for more than a year. It’s been that long since I’ve done any customer service worth mentioning until one person contacted me last week about being unable to get a Cog board to work. Codie is retiring the product from our store and the SL Marketplace. I get to write the obituary.

I went to look for some of the CalendarCog product praises that SL bloggers have put forth over the years … even those are gone! The party is over, we had a very good run. Thank you to all who used our Cogs, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Paypabak Writer for Codebastard Redgrave and MechanizedLIFE

SuperBoard Sighted at Roller Derby Venue!

CalendarCogs are still the best way to handle event sharing in Second Life. I know we’ll be seeing more sales of them at other venues in the SLRDA, the new roller derby association that is growing like wildfire. Here’s why:

Group Notice From: cStar Angels of No Mercy, Christiana Xevion

You can thank Payback zaBitch for rezzing an amazing Announcement Board from Mechanized Life on our Arena. If you visit the Arena, you can see at a glance the events on our calendar cycling through on a huge board. You can read the board from the grand stands, it’s so large. You can also view the calendar webpage (the board and Calendar are synched):


Please visit the Arena to see the amazing new BOARD!

Here’s some of the Angels practicing, with the SuperBoard in the background Go to cStar Angels of No Mercy Arena to see for yourself.

FilterCam 2 Expansion Pack #1 now available!

Finally, after 2 months of hard work, we are very happy and proud to release the first official FilterCam 2 Expansion Pack. This new package includes a whooping 90 additional presets for your FilterCam, based on 50 different filter textures.

This first expansion pack was created with user requests in mind, asking for more vintage, grungy or dirty filters. We believe we delivered. The pack contains 5 new preset banks, from several vintage TV models, to sniper and rifle scopes, binoculars, and even Super 8 and film/negative strips. Some of those presets are made out of several layers, for your own convenience.

The FilterCam 2 Expansion Pack requires FilterCam 2, obviously, but remember that all upgrades from previous versions are absolutely free! If you only have FilterCam’s previous version, please contact us inworld for a free upgrade.

If you are sitting there wondering what the flying pig is FilterCam, think Instagram but for SecondLife snapshots. It is a sophisticated but simple to use camera filtering system, that allows one to quickly and simply enhance their inworld snapshots without the absolute need for post-processing. You can view the FilterCam demonstration video right here: FilterCam Demo

Here are a few samples of presets included with the FilterCam 2 Expansion Pack #1:

We really hope that this new Expansion Pack fits your need for grunge. If you need anything or have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are very anxious to see what you will create out of that new expansion pack, so please join our Flickr group and share those delicious snapshots!

Want to know what other people thinks about FilterCam 2 and it’s new expansion pack? Here’s a few links!

I want! Where to buy it?

ML Spotlight: Kannonji Retreat Center

submitted by paypabak writer

I was exploring various meditation centers in SL for Moonletters ( “Spiritual Journey in SL” ) and was delighted to find a CogBoard at Kannonji Zen Retreat. And it was filled with events drawn from their Google Calendar. KZR offers a number of interesting experiences in a beautiful, tranquil sim:

  • the Myohoji Temple,
  • a desert experience,
  • canoe tour,
  • hot air ballooh ride,
  • sweat lodge,
  • drumming circle, and
  • live music events.

In addition, you will find a wonderful store with zen-themed clothing, plants, structures, jewelry, and animations. Enjoy!

Stats Collectors Reaching End of Service

Written and posted by Paypabak Writer

With sales of MechanizedLIFE StatsCollectors long deceased and as of this weekend, over, we continue to provide hosting services for those that have been deployed at a cost that long ago exceeded the remuneration received. We had discussed potential updates/upgrades of this excellent product, but the time for doing such has pretty much eluded us. It’s time to make a decision about the future of continuing to support the product and we would like some input from the people still using it.

To recap the salient features of this product: “This device allows you to place a sensor on your Second Life property and subscribe to an RSS feed that lists the people who came in contact with it. In effect, it creates a blog customized for your use. You can put the RSS feed on your Blog, your news reader, etc. The stats collected can give you a better idea of how you business is doing. New functions have been added and include: a link to any visiting avatar’s profile as supplied by SecondLife.com, create an ignore list, you dont have to do the ‘reset’ procedure, saving the notecard will reset the script, and a ‘time on parcel’ feature.” You were able to analyze stats via charts or by downloading up to 30 days’ worth of data in CVG format for use with Excel. (See pic.) With the advent of media on a prim, you could have the stats actually viewable inworld, live.

We want to be fair but we should not be expected to provide costly hosting services indefinitely either. We are open to suggestions on how to proceed. One thing we would consider is selling a license for the StatsCollector that would allow the owner to put the advanced stats application on a server of his or her own choosing. Would people be willing to pay a small hosting fee on a quarterly basis? We are open to other ideas.

Please use this article to post reactions or IM me, Paypabak Writer, about your continued use of StatsCollectors in your SL business.

2 for 1 on FilterCam and MachinimaCam!

To celebrate the new MachinimaCam upgrade, we are offering a 2 for 1 on any MachinimaCam or FilterCam. Offer is valid for cameras bought from the 25th of October to the 10th of November inclusively. Buy either FilterCam or MachinimaCam, send us your transaction log, place of purchase (inworld or Marketplace), the avatar name of an alt or a friend, and we will send a free copy of the same item to that avatar.

Please rename the notecard: 2for1 - Your Avatarname

Send the notecard to CodeBastard Redgrave in SecondLife and expect delivery within 48h.

We want to thank you for all the support and encouragement in the last 3 years, and hope you and your friends will enjoy and have fun with our gadgets.

Here is a SLURL to MechanizedLife inworld: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rouge/141/217/27

You can also buy our stuff from our Marketplace storefront: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/8139

MachinimaCam 1.12 Released

I know this update was much overdue and I sincerely apologize for that, and want to say that I appreciate your patience. As you probably know, several things got in the way, rebuilding MechanizedLife, FilterCam, work on MachinimaCam 2, RL business, and personal projects. Certain issues like the old update script being messed up made me report the update over and over again, also. But it’s here, it’s done, so let’s rejoice!

This a heavy duty maintenance release, plus a few new effects. One of the only real complaint I ever got about MachinimaCam was the fact that gestures spammed chat. I admit it, it was a buzzkill, but at the times I conceived MachinimaCam, it didn’t seem necessary to me. Well, now it’s fixed, you got all gestures programmed on a private channel, and commands are no longer chatted. Also since MachinimaCam was very verbose, I added a silent mode which is enabled by default.

Here’s the release notes:

  • Re-ajusted version to 1.xx
  • Private channel + owner check (2nd field in the object’s description field)
  • Replaced all gestures with private channel gestures
  • Silent mode: 1st field in the object description (1 = enabled)
  • Fixed Front Cam to work as intended. Scroll wheel until almost to mouselook and roam around for a 1st person effect)
  • Fixed a bug with Spin cam not repositioning correctly after moving away from the original camera position
  • Added Fluid Cam
  • Added Lag Cam
  • Added Decay Cam
  • Shortened the update delay
  • Added silent mode + channel + freemem display on init
  • Fixed several typos and updated some changes like the hide interface key combo
  • Updated docs
  • Fixed update server script
  • Mono recompiled


This is a hard upgrade because the old update script contained in the previous versions of the camera won’t do it’s job properly. So I am using my Deliverator to manually send a replacement copy to all SLX/Marketplace customers and inworld customers that bought it through my Hippo vendors. The other customers (pre 2008) and also educational that got free MachinimaCam’s will unfortunately have to either wait a bit until I sort the old lists out, or simply contact me directly to get the free upgrade. I am very sorry about the hassle but when it’s sorted out, fortunately, the new update script should make it easier in the future.

If you didn’t receive your update, please send me a notecard titled “MachinimaCam Update - Your Avatarname” and I will manually send you a replacement ASAP (please allow up to 48h). I may have hundreds to manually replace so please be patient.

The updated version is available only inworld and on SLX for now as Marketplace apparently doesn’t let me replace an item in my current listing. Investigating on why.


Saturday the 30th of October at Noon, Pacific time, I will be offering a FREE MachinimaCam seminar. The session lasts about 1h30 and is an introduction class to new MachinimaCam users as well as current ones. We will review the new features and configurations available in the new version. We hope you will attend!

Here’s the SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rouge/126/70/22

I want to thank the community for supporting MachinimaCam despite it’s little kinks, I’m glad of all the feedbacks and hope this update will make it more fun and useful for every machinimist.

Memorial for the Laid-off Lindens

Submitted by Paypabak Writer

It’s already old news but read this in case you’ve been focused on other things. Great dreamers, hard workers, and people who really got immersed with the residents of Second Life were laid off two weeks ago. The people are not dead, the dream is not dead, but those avatars are transmigrating and something precious has been lost.

Codie and Gabby put up a little graveyard in the middle of the Rouge Club with names of many of these folks. This gesture, which was highlighted in Flickr and by other bloggers, posted on Plurk, etc., brought a rush of visitors to a sim that is a wonderful showcase of the creativity and freedom of expression that is the heart of Second Life. They have left all kinds of tokens for favorite Linden friends and pretty much challenged the object limits of the sim very quickly.

Gabby informed me that they have someone willing to let them move the memorial to somewhere where people can continue to add to the markers. This is nothing new and original. Second Life has a memorial garden and a day set aside for remembrance that has become a model for memorials throughout our virtual world. I have seen numerous such sites, especially in the various roleplaying sims I’ve visited. Recently a wonderful professional acquaintance passed away in first life and the memorial her friends created moved me to tears at how strong the ties binding us in a virtual world can be.

This memorial is different, to be sure, but nevertheless a heartfelt tribute to those Lindens who are gone. What is significant isn’t so much that they needed to be honored so much as people were compelled to do so.

Reshaping MechanizedLife: Opensource and Our Catalog

In the wake of recent changes at Linden Lab, the new Third Party Viewer policy, the hasty release of Viewer 2.0, and several changes in the economic scheme of the Second Life platform, MechanizedLife must adapt to those changes in order to thrive and become more relevant in this context.

This is why we have decided to announce that MechanizedLife will be discontinuing a large part of our product catalog, and will immediately cease support of those products. We also announce that we will release MANY of those discontinued products under an OpenSource license, yet to be determined.

Starting right now, most of the products scheduled to be discontinued will be displayed on a discount wall at the MechanizedLife store for L$1. We will progressively update the vendors with full perm copies as soon as possible, as well as publish the source code on this website. We will also immediately retire RSS Viewer, ArchivesTV and Del.icio.us from the store, since the services they depend on will eventually be discontinued.

Note that those products, specifically the RSS Viewer, ArchivesTV and Del.icio.us tagger, depend on external PHP backends that we will keep maintaining for at least a few months, however we cannot guarantee their future reliability. We apologize in advance for any canada online casinos inconvenience, and will do our best to help our customers find alternative technologies where needed. We will also eventually release those source codes, including the PHP backends, but we can only do so when we shut down the backend scripts, for security reasons.

The discontinued products are:

  • RSS Viewer (obsolete under 2.0 - NO immediate source code release)
  • ArchivesTV (NO immediate source code release)
  • Del.icio.us Tagger (NO immediate source code release)
  • RezURL (source code will be released)
  • MarketLink (source code will be released)
  • FormXchange (source code will be released)
  • Countdown Timer (source code will be released)
  • Donation Server (source code will be released)

Products that will be kept in the MechanizedLife catalog for right now:

  • CalendarCogs (all products: HUD, Board, SuperBoard, Kiosks)
  • FilterCam HUD
  • MachinimaCam HUD
  • StatsCollector

Expect more changes to come rapidly, as we are re-handling our product catalog and planning future developments. We will make an announcement when the process of retiring discontinued products and publishing the source code is complete.

Thank you for your continued support,

CodeBastard Redgrave
Owner, MechanizedLife

FilterCam Contest Results

We had some amazing entries in the recent FilterCam contest. It is so gratifying to see our products used to create such beautiful images.  Thank you to everyone who entered.

Without further ado, these photos were chosen for the contest’s top prizes and were announced in the Flickr Group on March 1, 2010:

1st Prize: Bucolic Serendipity by Krissy Muggleston

2nd Prize: Darius 60 by Arcadia Nightfire

3rd Prize: Photo by Nicolette Dexler

Please visit the FilterCam Contest Judges Gallery to see the submissions from our finalists.

Again, thank you and congratulations to our winners, finalists and everyone who participated.  And a huge thank you to our judges: Tillie Ariantho, Ryker Beck, Stephen Venkman, Jori Watler and, because the judging was so close, our special guest tie-breaker, Harper Beresford.  We also want to give a special thank you to our sponsors and their generous donations of prizes, Avimote and Tillie Ariantho.

Stay tuned for our next contest. In the meantime, get your FilterCam HUD at MechanizedLife and start snapping beautiful photos!


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